Vane 36 Saturday

Hi Everyone
This Saturday is a Vane Vane 36 league race. Hope you are able to come. Skippers, mates, spectators all welcome. Briefing 9.45 Start 10.00. We do need to get boats on the water It helps if you would let me know whether or not you are coming. Let’s hope the good weather continue will check forecast nearer the time.

If you have not replied to the questions asked in the newsletter about next year’s racing programme, could I ask you to do that? If we don’t respond we can’t influence what will happen.
Those that I have managed to talk with are strongly in favour of retaining the current arrangement of a vane 36 and an A race every three weeks. We do not have the option of sailing every other week on the small lake as it is not suitable for vane boats. It has been suggested that one weekend where 36 is on Saturday and A on Sunday might encourage visitors. If you have views on this please let me know as soon as possible as i need to respond on behalf of the fleet as well as individually! Hope this is helpful.
Best wishes